There is a comfortable study abroad life
and enjoy learning Japanese.

Aomori Japanese Language School is located in the central part of Aomori City, surrounded by the sea and mountains, and is in a beautiful place of nature. In addition, Aomori Prefecture is a wonderful place visited by many people both inside and outside Japan, such as the Aomori Nebuta Festival, winter activities, and historic hot springs. Why don’t you learn Japanese at Aomori Japanese Language School where you can study while feeling the culture and Japanese unique way of thinking?

Educational philosophy

「From Aomori to the world」
To be the one connects Japan and your home country

Words have the power to lead people to a deeper understanding. We will develop the Japanese ability to grasp the feelings of the other person with delicate sensitivity and convey our thoughts smoothly. We will nurture students who respect and accept diverse cultures and different values. Our philosophy is to help the students who have studied at our school to fulfill the wishes of themselves and their families, grow into human resources who have a beneficial relationship between Japan and their home countries, and realize a mutually beneficial relationship between countries and regions.

Principal Toshiro Sawai

Educational goals

To develop Japanese language skills that can be learned at higher education institutions such as
4-year universities through guidance based on “Japanese language education that can be learned by using".
To cultivate a humanity who can understand the other person’s position and thoughts, treat people with an attitude
of trying to understand them, and calmly convey their own assertions to the other person.


About Aomori Japanese Language School

There are events unique to Aomori, and you can feel the four seasons at cherry blossom viewing, the Nebuta Festival, and winter sports.

Reliable support system
There is support before and after entering Japan, and we can also provide support in your native language. We have a support system that allows you to study with peace of mind.

Enriched Learning Environment
The school has a library,
a study room, and Wi-Fi access.

Two courses

Japanese Language 18-month Course
You can learn Japanese up to Level C of the Practical Japanese Test by enrolling in October.
Recommended for those who want to reduce tuition fees.
You can learn Japanese up to Level Pre-B of the Practical Japanese Test by enrolling in April.
Recommended for those who want to learn more about Japanese and culture.

Access to school

What is the Aomori Prefecture like?

Very charming! Aomori is a great place to live!
“Located in the northernmost part of Honshu, Aomori Prefecture is blessed with a magnificent natural and climatic environment that shows its beauty in all four seasons. It also boasts the largest harvest in Japan of
apples and garlic, local cuisine that makes the most of the products of the land and sear such as tuna and flounder, and an abundance of hot springs.
In addition to the Aomori Nebuta Festival, which attracts 3 million people every year, there are many wonderful sights to see in Aomori, such as the virgin beech forest in the Shirakami Mountains, a World Heritage Site, and the Sannai Maruyama Ruins, which show how people lived more than 5,000 years ago."
In addition to international flights to China, South Korea and Taiwan, there are various means of transportation available. This includes travel to major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo. Easy access from inside and outside the country is another advantage of living in Aomori.
“Aomori Prefecture is famous for its Nebuta Festival. Every August, unique summer festivals are held throughout the Tsugaru region, including Aomori-City and Hirosaki-City, as well as in the Shimokita region. The Hachinohe Sanja Festival, which boasts 300 years of history and tradition; the Enburi Festival in Hachinohe, which is said to have started 800 years ago; and the Osorezan
Festival in the Shimokita Peninsula, one of Japan’s three most sacred sites, are also net to be missed."

One of Japan’s major fire festivals
[Aomori Nebuta Festival]

Shinto Shrine Festival
[Hachinohe Sanja Festival]

Folk Entertainment to pray for good harvest
[Hachinohe Enburi]

“Spring in Hirosaki Park, one of the three most famous spots for Cherry Blossom
Viewing in Japan, Summer in the Nebuta Mountains, Autumn in the Towada Lake
and the Oirase Mountain Stream, and Winter in the Hakkoda Mountains, are just a
few of the many attractions one can enjoy throughout the seasons. Winter sports are also popular, with and a ski resort is only 30 minutes away from the school. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, skating, and other activities unique to the north of the country. You can also go to the Asamushi Aquarium, the northernmost aquarium in Honshu, where you can interact with dolphins and seals."
“Aside from being home to the world’s most
delicious apples, Aomori boasts the largest
production of agricultural products such as
garlic and yam in Japan. Aomori is also rich in seafood such as tuna, scallops, and flounder, which are all the highest quality.

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