School Information

「From Aomori to the world」
To be the one connects Japan and your home country

Words have the power to lead people to a deeper understanding. We will develop the Japanese ability to grasp the feelings of the other person with delicate sensitivity and convey our thoughts smoothly. We will nurture students who respect and accept diverse cultures and different values. Our philosophy is to help the students who have studied at our school to fulfill the wishes of themselves and their families, grow into human resources who have a beneficial relationship between Japan and their home countries, and realize a mutually beneficial relationship between countries and regions.

Principal Toshiro Sawai

Extracurricular activities and annual events that can only be experienced in Aomori

April/Cherry Blossom Viewing
Admire the Cherry Blossoms that represent Japan at Hirosaki Castle
June/BBQ Party
Taste the many flavors of different countries with your classmates
August/Nebuta Festival
Participate as a Haneto in the Nebuta Festival, known in the world as the Fire Festival.
October/Autumn Leaf Viewing
Enjoy the Autumn colors of Hakkouda Mountain from the Ropeway.
December/Year-End Party
A fun party to look back on the events of the year.
February/Winter Sports
Come play in the pure white snow of Aomori.

Reliable Support System

Support until entry to Japan

Support is provided up to the point of entry into Japan, including the procedures for issuing a Certificate of Eligibility.

Post-entry support

We shall accompany you through the procedures (resident registration, application for national health insurance, etc.)

Support for life in general

A system to support all aspects of daily life, such as company for the hospital visits and providing daily life support. Our administrative procedures and daily support are provided in the students’ native language, when it is necessary.

Enriched Learning Environment

New classrooms that are spacious enough for 20 students for every class. The school has a library, a study room, and Wi-Fi access.

Thoughts of establishment

Our school is the first Japanese language education institution in Aomori prefecture, which is approved by the Ministry of Justice. We hope that welcoming excellent students from various countries and regions will lead to the development of Aomori. When thinking about the future of my hometown Aomori, how to realize a multicultural society is one of the big issues. While fulfilling our responsibility as the first in the prefecture, we will provide opportunities for citizens and students to share time and learn from each other as residents. The irreplaceable experience that can only be obtained here will greatly grow students. We will run a new school with many friends so that the students who lived together in this place can play an active role “from Aomori to the world".

Takashi Kogawa, Chief director of Aomori Japanese Language School

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